Call for Abstract – Guidelines

All participants are invited to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentation in the final programme. Presenters may indicate their preference for either oral or poster presentation.

Instructions for Authors:

  1. All abstracts must be submitted in English and should be between 2 to 6 pages.
  2. The title should be in capital letters.
  3. Type the text in single-spaces.
  4. The authors’ names should appear as their first names followed by their last names/surnames. The presenter’s name is to be printed in caps.
  5. Do not include non-standard symbols, as they will not be recognised and may be displayed wrongly.
  6. Use standard abbreviations. Place unusual abbreviations between brackets (…) after the first appearance of the word.
  7. All abstracts will be peer-reviewed by the scientific committee. Accepted abstracts will be assigned oral or poster presentation and be published in the conference proceedings.
  8. The presenting author whose abstract is accepted must register for the conference and pay the applicable registration fee. Omission will result in non-publication of the abstract.
  9. Abstracts will be categorised according to the symposium listed below. Please select a symposium that best suits your abstract. Only ONE of the following abstract categories is allowed:
    a) Advanced Materials for Sports Technology
    b) Sports Product Engineering
    c) Sports Science
  10. DECLINE OF ABSTRACT: if you do not follow the above guidelines, your abstract may be rejected.

Selected authors with accepted abstracts from Advance Materials for Sports Technology symposium will be invited to submit a full length paper, to be peer-reviewed for publication in Materials & Design, an Elsevier Journal with impact factor 3.997.

Selected abstracts from Sports Product Engineering symposium will be also invited for full paper submission to the journal Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology for possible publication. The journal is indexed by the Science Citation Index (SCI).

Selected authors with accepted abstracts from Sports Science symposium will be invited to submit a full length paper, to be peer-reviewed for publication in the Journal of Human Kinetics.


Abstract is to be submitted through a prescribed template. Please ensure that you comply with the above specifications. All abstracts should be camera-ready as it may be published without further editing.

Click here to download the template.

All presenting authors must register with full payment for the conference upon acceptance of their abstract(s). Authors will be notified of the status of their submission by 10 October 2016. Details of oral presentation and poster format will be provided for successful submissions. Authors who wish to withdraw their submission papers are to notify the secretariat in writing.

Note to all presenters

The ICSST16 Organising Committee reserves the right to amend or change any part of the submission guidelines without prior notice.